FoxFarm Happy Frog

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FoxFarm Happy Frog

FoxFarm Happy Frog Jump Start 3-4-3 is an all natural fertilizer containing active soil microbes and beneficial bacteria and is ideal for translating seedlings and re-potting established container plantings. Its gentle formula contains a high amount of phosphorus to encourage vigorous root development. This fertilizer also contains calcium which builds stronger cell walls that boost the plants ability to fight off diseases.

Derived from: feather meal, bone meal, fish meal, fish bone meal, alfalfa meal, sulfate of potash magnesia, blood meal, bat guano, kelp meal and gypsum

3% Nitrogen for growth and lush vegetation
4% Phosphorus for fruiting and flowering
3% Potash for strength

10% Seniors and 15% Veterans discount

4 lb Reclosable bag - $12.99